Tindari and Surroundings

Antica Tindari Mari e Natura

Antica Tindari is situated in an area of great tourist and archaeological attraction


Tyndaris was situated on a bold and lofty hill standing out as a promontory into the spacious bay of the Tyrrhenian Sea bounded by the Punta di Milazzo on the east, and the Capo Calavà on...

Tradition and Culture

Antica Tindari Tradizione

Antica Tindari is situated in a heroic wine growing area between the volcano Etna and the gulf of Patti where they grow native vines and produce noble autochthonous  wines.

Careful selection of the vines, great care of the soil and  environment by use of non aggressive technology are the...


Antica Tindari - Camere

Near Antica Tindari's farm there are many famous tourist attractions such as: the beaches of the Gulf of Patti, the salt lakes of Marinello, the Black...


Antica Tindari - Imperium Riserva

Grape Harvest: hand made harvest between the third and the fourth week of September. A slight over maturing of the...