Osho says that when we will be able to return to the world with a glass of wine in our hand, and to dance, we will have reached the perfection. In Antica Tindari you can breathe a taste of infinity that even more enables to appreciate the excellence deriving from the conjunction of nature with man's work. Here there are old rules of production and care of the earth, wine and hospitality that make the traveler, coming from any country, feel at home.

Driving uphill from the sea, at the foot of the hill where the famous antique Greek Theatre and Cathedral of Tyndaris are situated you can find the vineyard of Antica Tindari's autochthonous grapes (Malvasia and Inzolia) and the other olive groves; here there is also a breathtaking views of the Gulf of Patti and the Aeolian Islands which seem very close.

A few kilometers away from this breathtaking location, behind Etna, surrounded by the hills at 450 meters above sea level is located Antica Tindari's other farm with the vineyards of the “red wines”, the winery, the agriturismo, and the ancient olive tree grove. In the middle of this vineyard is situated the old farmhouse, completely restructured but maintaining the original style of the stone country house. In this structure there a 4 comfortable, spacious and clean rooms in which you can relax and enjoy the spectacular view of the vineyard, olive grove and surrounding green hills. You can also enjoy a variety of dishes cooked with products grown on the farm.

In our farmhouse our guests can relax, listen to the sounds of nature and en joy the amazing sunsets; they can go jogging along the country roads or experience the joy of harvesting or winemaking. Together with our experts they can visit our winery.

Our guests can also stroll through our vineyards and olive groves, walk in the countryside and discover it's secrets and enjoy the fragrances in the clean air.

In the immediate surroundings of our farm it is possible to walk along the old country roads (“trazzere” ) along which grows the typical Mediterranean vegetation (macchia meditterranea) or go bike riding.

Our Kitchen

Antica Tindari - Imperium Riserva

The kitchen is run by our family together with a team of persons who have been trained by us over the years and believe in our philosophy which is " tradition" and use of our local products but with a watching eye towards research and innovation. All our dishes are cooked with seasonal products...

The Restaurant

Antica Tindari - Il ristorante esterno

In Antica Tindari's restaurant research is done but always respecting tradition.

In this beautiful setting where nature is the host, guests can rediscover the authentic flavors of organic products, including our excellent, high quality, extra virgin olive oil as well as taste the wines...

Rooms and Apartments

Antica Tindari - Camere

Near Antica Tindari's farm there are many famous tourist attractions such as: the beaches of the Gulf of Patti, the salt lakes of Marinello, the Black Virgin of Tindari and the ancient Greek Theatre. Tourists that are just passing by can interrupt their long journey and rest in Antica Tindari's...

For your children

Antica Tindari - Parco Giochi

A new area with slides, swings and a climbing wall has been set up for the entertainment of  the children whilst the adults can enjoy themselves with table tennis and mountain biking.


Antica Tindari - Camere

Near Antica Tindari's farm there are many famous tourist attractions such as: the beaches of the Gulf of Patti, the salt lakes of Marinello, the Black...


Antica Tindari - Don Giovanni

Grape Harvest: Hand-picked between end of September and the first days of October which is the best period to...