Antica Tindari - Imperium Riserva
Antica Tindari - Imperium
Antica Tindari - Nigrae
Antica Tindari - Nero d'Avola
Antica Tindari - Sirah
Antica Tindari - Inzolia
Antica Tindari - Migrante
Antica Tindari - Kantico
Antica Tindari - Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva
Antica Tindari - La Signora Pina
Antica Tindari - Km0
Antica Tindari - Gli Ulivi
Antica Tindari - Prodotti Tipici
Antica Tindari - Le Olive
Antica Tindari - Prodotti Tipici
Antica Tindari - La Cucina

The kitchen is run by our family together with a team of persons who have been trained by us over the years and believe in our philosophy which is " tradition" and use of our local products but with a watching eye towards research and innovation. All our dishes are cooked with seasonal products of our farm or from near-by farmers.

Nothing can be lost beginning from the delicious breakfasts with fresh cakes and biscuits made in-house with local grains and flours, delicious appetizers, the home made pasts or main meat courses or cheese of Nebrodi or fish from the Gulf of Patti.

Love, creativity and respect of the local organic products, which have created over the centuries the culture of Sicily, can be tasted in each dish served in Antica Tindari's restaurant.

The passion, the imagination is the respect of raw materials that have marked over the years the culture delivering this territory are at the center of each dish offered in the kitchen of Antica Tindari, always in perpetual rediscovery.


Antica Tindari - Camere

Near Antica Tindari's farm there are many famous tourist attractions such as: the beaches of the Gulf of Patti, the salt lakes of Marinello, the Black...


Antica Tindari - Nero d'Avola

Grape harvest: Second week of September. The Vineyards are situated at 450 meters, with sandy and clay soil. The...